Birthday Planner

We all were born one day and the day is special not only for us, but also for people around us. Birthday celebration is not a party to celebrate the completion of an year, but it an event where we all get an opportunity to thank the person for being there with us. Be it you father, mother, wife, brother or sister, their birthday is a big occasion for you. Its an opportunity for you to thank them for being their around the year on every occasion when you needed them.

At Adicha, we understand that not just the kids, everyone around us deserves a birthday party. A party to show our gratefulness, a party to show our love, a party to show our respect, a party to bring in a big smile on their face on the very first day of a new year in their life.

We offer a wide variety of birthday parties with different target groups.

Kid’s Birthday Party

Looking for a birthday party for your kid and want to invite their friends to the party. We have a perfect plan for you. With non-spicy food, loads of junk food items or healthy options that kids love, to fun games like musical chairs, magic show, treasure hunt etc. we plan the perfect party for the kids. The way they always wanted the birthdays to be. We also have a certain number of attendants to make sure that the children are safe while having fun.

Family Birthday Party

A family birthday party is something that needs to cater to all age groups, from kids to elderly the party intends to ensure that everyone has a great time. Play area for kids, Dj for the teens, drinks for the adults, and diabetic menu for the elderly, we take care of everything.

Social get-together with Friends

Looking to give your friend a great start to a new year in their life, give them the birthday blast with Adicha. We not only help you plan the best party, but we also help you have the best party in your budget. We arrange a wide variety of birthday parties for corporate who plan to surprise their colleagues on their birthday. Blast with friends is a birthday party designed for a certain age group and like-minded people. It helps us cut down the cost of the party while arranging a great event.

Someone Special

Be it your wife’s first birthday at your home or your dad’s first birthday after retirement, if you want to celebrate someone’s birthday in style, we are here to help you give them the best time of their life. With everything tailored to their choices, we arrange the perfect food, décor, cake etc. to give them a mesmerizing experience that lasts forever.

Our commitment is seen in the events we manage. Just give us a call. Let’s sit and discuss the birthday party of your someone special. The coffee is on us.