Celebrity Management

Celebrity performers add charm to your event. Every event needs a different type of celebrity, some need an intellectual to excite their minds, some need a heart throbbing musician to energize the crowd. There are a great number of celebrity performers which are available on a very wide budget range. We will help you choose the right mix of talent and budget to suit your event.

Bollywood Celebrities

Not every Bollywood celebrity is available on every date, not every one of them agree to every kind of event, getting the right celebrity for your event is a challenging task. You not only need to meet the financial terms, but you also need to make sure that they get a good vibe and agree to attend your event.

Fashion Models

Looking to host a hot shot party with a great page three presence, we can arrange some of the best fashion models to make your event even hotter. At Adicha, we arrange celebrity models for product launch, product photoshoot and other corporate events for a wide variety of clients. We have models with national and international repute to ensure a great success of your event.

Authors & Thinkers

Some events needs presence of a different type of celebrities, those who think, those who guide the nation, those who help the youth plan their future. We manage celebrities for events at various schools, colleges etc. where they need ensure that the celebrity sends a great message to the target audience.

Laughter Artists

Laughter is a therapy that we all need from time to time. At Adicha, we have agreements with a wide variety of laughter artists who perform at TV shows for various national and regional broadcasters. If you are looking for a heavy dosage of laughter for your guests, we can arrange the best laughter artists for your event.

Classical Music

From traditional Indian music to folk artists we can arrange a great number of classical and traditional Indian music artists for corporate or private events. So, if your audience is classy, give them the best of the classics.

DJ & Live Bands

Looking for a great DJ or a Live band to rock your party, we can get you the best artist in your budget. We can arrange for a national, regional or local DJ or a live performing band on a wide array of genres to suit your gathering. Be it desi Indian music or a the global hip hop, we have performers in every genre.

Poets & Kavi

Want to arrange a Kavi Sammelan for your society or employees, we have a wide variety of agreements with some of the best Kavi’s of India. We can arrange a great kavi sammelan on a short notice with some of the best talents of the country.

We not only arrange the artists, but we also make their hospitality, logistics and security arrangements to ensure that they perform at their best at your event. An artist needs to be happy while performing at your event, we ensure that they perform to their best.

At Adicha, we have agreements with a wide variety of professional artists who perform on a wide variety of events. These agreements not only help us get the best prices for the celebrities but it also helps us get you their availability on your dates. We have agreements and are in touch with a huge number of celebrities and their managers. If you have any requirement, just get in touch.