Choreography adds to any live performance, be it in a group, a pair or solo, every performer needs choreography. With the rise of platforms like youtube and Instagram, people want their performances to be perfect. Not only picture perfect, but now the world can see your actual performance. So whether it’s a corporate event, an academic event in a school or college, a birthday party or your wedding, you need a choreographer to teach the people performing at the event to make sure that they perform to their best.

We have some of the best choreographers in a wide variety of genres to ensure that you get the best guidance to perform to the best of your talent.

Classical Choreographers

Looking to perform on classical Indian music and perform the dance forms like Bharatanatyam, we have some of the best classical choreographers in Delhi NCR with us. Classical choreographers are a little choosy when it comes to training, we arrange a visit of the choreographer to make sure that the student and the guru are compatible with one other.

Bollywood Choreographers

Wanna shake your leg on the latest Bollywood number or want to perform on a Bollywood number on any occasion, we help you perform to your best. We have a wide variety of Bollywood choreographers who specialize in training different age groups and students. We understand that a kid needs a different choreographer than a grown adult and we have a wide variety of choreographers to cater to the need.

Western Choreographers

Looking to rock the floor in western styled sensual dance, we have the best choreographer for you. Be it a solo, couple or group performance, we have some of the most talented western choreographers well versed in training the students in western dance forms.

Youtube has made choreography an essential component of our lives, we cannot shake our legs on events as we could have done a few decades back. Our performance depends on how well we prepare. At Adicha, we give you the best of the choreographers to help you reach the epitome of your potential.