Cocktail Parties

Cocktail parties are get together events for our colleagues, friends and family to celebrate their presence and thank them for being there in your journey. We offer a wide array of arrangements for cocktail parties from awesome bartenders to live performers. Here are a few cocktail parties that we love to arrange.

Corporate Cocktail Parties

Corporate cocktail parties are get together events for organizations to help their employees get out of the box and enjoy the fruits of their hard work. A small corporate party at the end of every business cycle gives your employees a chance to enjoy and gather their energy for the upcoming challenges. We arrange a wide array of corporate parties for small teams as well as large organizations.

Friends & Family Cocktail Parties

Planning to share your joy with your friends and family over cocktails, we can help you make the most of it. Leave the planning and execution to us, just sit back and enjoy the event while we ensure that your guests enjoy the best drinks, great food and have a great time.

Celebratory Cocktails

Has your team surpassed a milestone, your boss got a trophy for his performance or a colleague just got an award. These are times for celebrations, times where you need to open up some champagnes in the air and celebrate the achievement. A small cocktail party for any achievement gives the person the true sense of achievement. We understand its importance and we make sure that we plan everything to suit the occasion.

Pre-Wedding Cocktails

Every wedding has a few close friends and family members who arrive early and are there with you at every step of your wedding. To honor them for their presence, a pre-wedding cocktail party can be great idea. It gives them the head start that they need to get into the wedding mood after having a tiring journey to your wedding destination.

Themed Cocktails

We also arrange a wide variety of themed cocktail parties to ensure that your guests have a great time while enjoying the drinks. For more details please have a look at our theme parties page.

Our commitment is seen in the events we manage. Just give us a call. Let’s sit and discuss your party. The coffee is on us.