Corporate Events

Corporate houses, medium and small businesses and startups are also looking for opportunities to engage with their stakeholders, customers and channel partners. However, the lack of event management experience makes it a challenging task for enterprises.

At Adicha, we take care of every kind of corporate event, small or big. There events are organized to show that the enterprise cares for its stakeholders, customers or channel partners. We make sure that every guest at your event leaves on a happy note. We spend days in planning, coordinating and execution so that your event runs smoothly.

Here are different corporate events that we organize for enterprises.

Dealer’s Meet

Dealers are business drivers, they not only promote your business but they are the ones who are representing you in the market. A happy dealer network ensures great business outcomes and a little pampering is always needed. We arrange a wide variety of dealer’s meets in hotel ballrooms, open lawns, party halls with amenities like artist performance, dance group performance, comedy shows etc. to ensure that your dealers are well pampered.

Vendor’s Meet

Vendors are key to smooth operations of business, they fuel your industry with necessary raw materials and services to ensure that your business thrives in the market. A great vendor network takes time to establish and you always need an opportunity to meet your vendors away from the negotiation desk.

Vendors meet is a great opportunity for a business looking to have loyal vendors who feel themselves attached to the organization. Regular vendor meets give your organization the strength to move forward in this challenging market.

At Adicha, we organize a wide variety of vendor’s meets. From a simple meet in a party hall to a grand national vendor’s meet, we organize each of these events with guaranteed quality.

Customer Events

Whether it is a car rally of your customers, a blood donation camp, a fun festival, a carnival or a customer’s meet, we organize all kinds of customer engagement events giving your brand the power to connect directly with your consumers.

At Adicha, we are committed to total customer satisfaction. We value your clients as much as you value them. We know, the success of your business depends on their happiness. Our events aim at ensuring the ‘WOW’ factor for your clients.

Product Launch

Product is at the core of an enterprise, it takes years of experience and a lot of hard work to make a successful product. The Launchpad of a product is equally important. It gives your product an exclusive event among the stake holders for them to discuss and learn about the product.

Launch events are opinion makers. A successful launch event not only gets initial orders for the product, but it also ascertains that the product is known by a large number of stakeholders.

Product launches are special events, from media management, to Food & Beverages, there are a lot of moving parts in these events. TO ensure a successful launch, we have a team of dedicated professionals to take care of it.

Media Events

Media events give your product and services space in media and press to ensure that your word is well spread in the masses. A good reception and arrangement for media personnel’s at a convenient venue with great hospitality not only ensures better footfall, but it also gets you great reviews and nice media coverage.

At Adicha, we not only arrange media events, we also make efforts to make sure that every leading news agency is present at the event to cover it.

Farewell Parties

Farewells are events to pay your respects to those moving ahead in their lives. Farewell events are nostalgic events where we all walk through our journeys.

Success Parties

Success parties are events to celebrate the conquest of your team and make them believe that they are a part of the success and are being honored for the same.

Success party is an effort make make sure that there is a collective celebration of success and even the employees standing at the last row of the hierarchy feel valued for their contributions in the success.

At Adicha, we arrange grand success parties with a wide variety of options like stage shows, dance performances, artist performance, cocktail parties etc.

Foundation Day Party

Foundation day or founder’s day is an annual saga of the growing organization, an event that marks completion of an year of joy, happiness and growth. Not only the growth of the organization as a whole, but also the growth of employees as individuals. It takes an year of hard work to achieve.
Milestone Parties

Milestone parties are grand events, giving your whole team the taste of success and while giving them an idea of the next milestone and the strategy to achieve them. Milestone parties are great motivators, specially to employees who work day and night sacrificing their personal time and space for the growth of the brand.

They deserve a little pampering and every milestone party is a show of gratitude towards their selfless devotion towards the organization.

WE understand that every guest in a milestone party is a winner and we take pride in taking good care of the winners.

Other Events…

There are several other events like national events like Republic Day, festivals and occasions like Holi milan etc. We arrange such events with great care. We provide artists like singers, dancers, comedians. We arrange celebrities from all domains like Bollywood starts, fashion divas, powerful speakers, politicians etc. to attend your event to add glamour to the event.

Have a corporate event in mind, just give us a call, Sit back and Relax, while we take care of your event.