Multi-Cuisine Catering

Catering is the heart of any event, be it a wedding, a birthday party or a corporate event. No matter how well the event goes, if the food is not to the satisfaction of the guests, they will end up having a negative impression of the event. Serving food in a multicultural city like Delhi where we have people coming from all parts of the world, living together as a single community is a challenging tasks.

At Adicha, we have addressed this demand of Delhites, we offer a wide variety of specialist chefs who master a particular cuisine. If you are sure about the choice of your guests, you can specifically as for that cuisine. Not sure, you can also pick a combination of a few if your budget allows.

Catering decides the success of an event, if we serve amazing food to the guests, they hold your event in their good books. If we fail on food, you find a lot of food critics roaming around gossiping around about the event.

We know food determines the success of your event, here is a list of cuisines that we offer to ensure that your guests leave the venue on a higher note.

Mughlai Caterer

Expecting a gathering of mostly non-vegetarian guests, our Mughlai Caterer will amaze them with some of the best Mughal recipes prepared in traditional Mughal era methods. They marinate, cook, roast and fry the food in the most authentic Mughal style ensuring great taste and quality. The food is prepared following a time consuming process ensuring the best taste that leaves an impression forever.

Western Cuisines

Have a corporate party or an event with a modern gathering and you want to pamper your guests with some of the best western delicacies. We have the right Caterer for your need. Trained with some of the best cooks of India, we have a team of western caterers who can make western dishes the way they are made in the west. Be it vegan, vegetarian or non-vegetarian, we take care of each of your guests.

Jain Catering

There are communities who prefer meals with no onion or garlic and strictly vegetarian preparations. We have a team of specialist Caterer who excel in Jaini cuisine. They make finger licking delicacies without the use of onion, garlic or any other forbidden material. We also ensure, no one will feel the absence of any of these ingredients as the preparation meets the expectations of your guests.

Mix n Match

Not sure about the food preferences of your gathering, we can help you with the challenge. At Adicha, we provide a special mix and match menu where you can choose from a wide range of items coming from different cuisines prepared specially to meet the requirements of your events. We arrange specialist Caterer for various cuisines to ensure that every preparation is made to perfection.

Food decides the success of your event. At Adicha, we understand your needs and ensure the Caterer prepare the best food to make sure your guests leave the venue on a happy note. Want to know more about our cuisines and offerings, give us a call and set up a meeting.