What is Organic Lead Generation? Full Information in 2021

In this blog post, you will know What is Organic Lead Generation.

It can sometimes be a struggle to increase traffic to your website. Sure, you can put some money towards paid search ads if you need an immediate boost but this is not a viable long term solution.

A more effective approach would be to work on building your organic leads. An organic lead is a lead from someone who comes across your website by searching for a product, service, or query on Google or another search engine. Organic leads are great because so many of us use search engines to find answers to our questions, whether they be how to create a customer journey or the definition of autonomous marketing.

Firstly we will come on the different sources of Organic Lead Generation.

What is Organic Lead Generation
What is Organic Lead Generation

1.What are Different Sources of Lead? Generation.

a) Internal Sources : What is Organic Lead Generation

1.Email List – When you run campion, you have some subscribers in Email form. It is the first Internal source. In this, you can mail your subscribers whenever you launch a product. This can Increase your Leads Organically.

2.Social Media Followers – All Social Media Followers are your main Internal Sources. These all are your fans and believe in your recommendations. You can easily generate 50-100 leads with social media like Facebook, Whatsapp, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

3.Blogging – If you are a blogger you have many subscribers that read your blog daily. This is your Internal Source.

4.Chatbot Subsriber – Also the Subsriber in Chatbot is your Internal Source.

When you get leads from Internal Sources. These are free Organic Leads. No cost is taken for organic Leads. If you want to buy a full course about Digital Marketing ‘Click Here‘. You will be redirected to another page. In which you will get the video to see. If you like the video and understand the concept you can buy it from the link below.

b) External Sources : What is Organic Lead Generation?

In External Sources there are Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc. Ads can give us Clicks but not Leads. But Organically There is only Niche related audience.

2.Why Organic Leads are Better than Paid Ads?

In this Blog, you will Learn Organic Lead Generation. I am not Comparing it but in my blogs, you will learn Organic way only because there is no Investment but In this, we create our best-targeted audience for a life-time by investing time only. In this, we also create our personal branding. But the Other side Ads cannot make a personal brand in beginning. You can get 25-30 Qualified Leads but it is not a 1-day job, It is a Long term strategy. If you follow the steps and implement them you will surely get results.

3.Difference between Clicks and Leads.

  • Not Every click is lead.- Every click is not Leads because If you run ads you get x number of views. In this x number, only 5-10% are Interested and 90% are Junk leads. This will waste your time in managing Junk Leads. But another side in Organic method people will approach you.
  • By Hubspot’s statistics, 54% more Lead is Generated by inbound tactics.

“Organic Lead Generation is the way Forword”

Aaditya Chawla

4.Two ways of generating Organic Leads.

  1. Prospecting – When we reach out to the people and approach them to sell products. But it not means to ask randomly any person to buy the product. It is a strategy to reach out to our target audience and ask them to buy.
  2. Marketing – Marketing is a way in which people find you. They come and ask to buy the product. How amazing it is!! In our next blog, we will describe it properly.

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What is Organic Lead Generation? You have understand or not I don,t know . But If you want to success do hardwork with smartwork

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