An exhibition is an event for a brand or professionals of a certain sector/area to showcase their professional acumen in the domain. Be it a consumer product, a work of art, or a sci-fi product, they all need a Launch-pad to reach out to the masses to make sure that there is enough curiosity and demand in the market when the product becomes available to the customer.

Large events like Auto expo, Book fair etc. are the best examples of the need of such events to create brand recognition and customer awareness to ensure that there are customers who are capable to buy your product and are aware of the same at the same time. An exhibition directly targets your consumer niche and makes sure that they have an ever lasting impression of your product.

Adicha excels in exhibitions, our team has a vivid experience of arranging exhibitions on a wide variety of scales. We not only create event, we also ensure that your message is communicated in the target audience.

Exhibition Planning

Exhibition planning is a mammoth task, from venue selection, date selection, permissions from various authorities there are a great number of tasks to be planned way before planning an actual event. The light, sound d├ęcor are not the core of planning, they help make the event successful, but there are numerous other aspects to be planned in order to organize an event.

Vendor Selection

Great vendors make a great event, if you outsource the work to vendors who are committed towards quality and delivery, you have already achieved half the success. At Adicha, we help you connect with some of the best vendors in NCR who are committed towards quality and are concerned about their own brand ensuring commitment towards quality. We help you choose the best combination of vendors from varied domains ensuring the best outcome in the least possible budget.

Exhibition Marketing

The crowd or the footfall of an event decides its success. No matter how big a brand is, if it fails to gather crowd in an event, it failed to create a great exhibition. Marketing the event plays a great role in event promotion and awareness. We run both online and offline promotional campaigns to ensure there is great awareness in the target audience for the event.

Financial Planning

Finances are at the core of an exhibition. One can only arrange an exhibition if they have plenty of resources to meet the financial requirements of an event. Financial planning of an event not only involves enlisting all the possible areas of revenue generation but it also includes the strategies we need to implement to make the most out of them. At Adicha, we not only help you with financial planning, but we also provide you support in connecting with the potential stakeholders.

Exhibition Management

Light, sound, public management, security, anchors and hundreds of other moving parts make an exhibition successful. It takes an experienced team to lead the execution of a well-planned event to make it successful. At Adicha, we excel in executing great exhibitions. Backed by years of experience in the domain and a cohesive team that works together to ensure the success of the event.

Our commitment is seen in the events we manage. Just give us a call. And we will plan a successful exhibition for you.