Wedding Planner

Let your wedding be a joyful and memorable experience for your near and dear ones. Let them rejoice when you take the biggest step in your life. Let them be there with you, by your side every moment of your wedding. At Adicha, we help you have your dream wedding, not only we promise you great services, but we promise that your family will be by your side throughout the wedding, and we will be there for the rest.

Indian weddings are often seen as an occasion of grandeur and an enchanting experience for the bride and the groom. However, there are a few around you who are unable to enjoy the wedding. It mi ght be your father taking care of hospitality, your uncle taking care of catering, your brother taking care of logistics. Believe us, they don’t get to enjoy the wedding. They are happy to help, but the real joy is in having them around.

“An Indian Wedding, With Your Family Around”

Isn’t that is what we all dream?

At Adicha, we are there to take care of your every need. Here are a few of our full spectrum wedding management services.

Wedding Planning

Wedding planning, from venue selection, décor selection, light settings, food choices, guest management, schedule management, beauty & salon arrangements to getting dancers, band, dhol to add cheer to your wedding, we plan each and every step of your wedding to make it an enchanting experience that lasts forever.

Venue Management

Your venue needs to be strategically planned, selected for convenience for both the bride’s side and the groom’s. Budget, ambience, reputations, safety, hospitality are some considerations that one cannot make at a glance. We have spent a decade in hospitality industry and know the pros and cons of every venue in Delhi NCR. For other cities, we consult our partners in those cities to suggest us the best venue at the best price. All this, to make sure that your wedding is something you remember forever.

Guest Management

We call your friends and family, ask them about their plans to attend the wedding (RSVP). We take down the notes, take them to you for approvals and make the necessary arrangements. We not only get in touch with your guests and make them feel their importance, we also let them understand that you care for them.

Decoration Management

When one thinks of décor, they usually think flowers, lighting etc. However, when you go to select a vendor, you usually book a single vendor for all these services. For, most of us they all look the same. However, it’s very different on the inside. Décor comprises of multiple vendors Flower vendor, lighting vendor, cloth décor vendor, are a few of them that we all know. We carefully select the best vendors and make them sit on a table together to understand that masterplan. The grandeur that you aspire is planned painstakingly and different teams work together cohesively to ensure we give you the best.

Catering Management

Food is what decides “How good is your wedding” looking from your guest’s eyes. No matter how close your friend or relative is, at the end you find them all commenting on the wedding based on food. At Adicha, we outsource the catering to a third party. We have empanelled a number of caterers with us for all budgets and tastes. What this means for you? Unlimited choices, unlimited customizations, catering for all your functions (no matter how small or big they are).

Pre, Post and Wedding Photoshoots

We have an agreement with some of the best wedding photographers in town. Be it pre wedding shoot, post wedding shoot, or a drone recording of your wedding, we have the experts with us. When you book a wedding, it all comes in the package.

Celebrity Management

Want to surprise your family and friends on your sangeet. We can arrange a celebrity to attend your wedding and perform. A celebrity in the wedding will make the gossip last forever.

Logistics Management

Logistics is a major challenge in weddings. There are a few family members who are busy in arranging pick and drop of relatives while their presence is needed in the wedding. We at Adicha, help you with all your logistics needs.Be it an Airport pickup of a NRI relative, or movement of relatives from your house to the venue, we take care of everything.

Our commitment is seen in the events we manage. Just give us a call. Let’s sit and discuss your wedding. Get an estimate for the dream wedding you want. The coffee is on us.